Moving Your Account Could not Be Easier

We know that the prospect of changing banks can be intimidating. With automatic payments and direct deposits already in place, the very thought of switching your accounts is enough to make you break out in hives. That is why First Federal has created a fast and easy process that will assist you with the move.

It all starts when you stop in at our office and open a First Federal checking or savings account We also recommend that you sign up for Online Banking at the same time, as this will allow you to manage your accounts from anywhere and at any time. Then you will be ready to tackle your automatic payments and deposits.

Step 1 - Direct Deposit

Complete the Direct Deposit Authorization form below and give it to your employer. To switch a Social Security direct deposit, visit and changes can be made under the my Social Security tab. Otherwise you may call the Social Security Administration, toll-free, at 1-800-772-1213.


Step 2 - Automatic Payments

Use the Automatic-Debit Authorization below for all of your automatic payments. Send one to each organization that debits funds from your account (make copies if necessary).

Step 3 - Close Account

Earn higher interest on higher balances. Choose from either our "Money Market Plus" Account or our "Money Market Premium" Account. Both accounts are conveniently accessible 24/7 via FFSM I-Banking &/or Telephone banking.