Statement Savings Accounts

With just a $100 minimum balance required, our statement savings account is a great way to save for your goals. Balances over $100.00 earn interest, which is compounded daily and credited monthly. Direct Deposit can be easily set up and transfers between this account and your FFSM Checking account can be conveniently performed 24/7 via I-Banking or Telephone Banking. Other restrictions apply.


Passbook Savings Accounts

Yes, we still offer Passbook Savings Accounts. You must deposit at least $ 300 to open this account and you must maintain a balance of at least $ 500 in the account each day to obtain the disclosed annual percentage yield. No interest will be earned if your balance is below $ 500. If your balance falls below $300 at any time, the account will be closed and a $10 low balance closure fee will be charged. Other restrictions apply.


Holiday Club Account

A great way to save for the Holidays! Minimum opening deposit of just $5.00 is required. Your weekly club payment can be automatically deducted from your FFSM Checking or Savings Account. Balances over $5.00 earn interest which is compounded daily and credited at maturity. No interest will be paid and there is a $5.00 service fee for early closeout.

Money Market Accounts

Earn higher interest on higher balances. Choose from either our "Money Market Plus" Account or our "Money Market Premium" Account. Both accounts are conveniently accessible 24/7 via FFSM I-Banking &/or Telephone banking.  .