It’s an ATM Card... but with so much more!

The First Federal Savings VISA Check Card tm has grown into one of the more popular services that we offer our customers. This comes as no surprise in that Debit Cards continue to grow in popularity worldwide.

A debit card is simply a convenient way to access funds in your checking account. You can make purchases using your First Federal Debit Card anywhere in the world VISA Debit Cards are accepted. While overseas on business, or at the local supermarket, gas station or at your favorite restaurant your debit card gives you convenient access to the funds in your checking account. In addition, catalog orders, telephone orders, or even orders via the internet can be placed using your VISA Check Card.

There are no checks to write and no ID to show at the time of purchase. Simply present your card, sign your name or enter your PIN and you’re on your way. The funds are withdrawn directly from your First Federal Checking Account so you don’t have to worry about bills and interest charges.

By using your card you can many times get your order processed quicker than sending in a check. Your monthly statement will show all the relevant details of the transaction. Just remember to log the transaction in your check register as a withdrawal and check off with your monthly statement.

Your VISA Check Card can also be used to get cash at ATM locations worldwide. Though we currently have no ATMs, as a First Federal Debit Card customer, we do not charge you to make withdrawals, transfers and balance inquiries on your account. But it should be noted that the owner of the ATM you use will likely charge you for this service.

Stop in, or call and request an application today. After approval, you will receive your debit card in approximately 2 weeks. Then simply activate the card and enjoy the convenience!

If you have already gotten a debit card, but have not yet activated it yet, please do so and give it a try. It is simple to use. Once you try it and see how convenient it is to use, you may never write a check again.